Bob Friesenhahn <bfriesen <at>> writes:
> [...]
> X25-E's write cache is volatile), the X25-E has been found to offer a 
> bit more than 1000 write IOPS.

I think this is incorrect. On the paper the X25-E offers 3300 random write
4kB IOPS (and Intel is known to be very conservative about the IOPS perf 
numbers they publish). "Dumb" storage IOPS benchmark tools that don't issue 
parallel I/O ops to the drive tend to report numbers less than half the 
theoretical IOPS. This would explain why you see only 1000 IOPS.

I have direct evidence to prove this (with the other MLC line of SSD drives: 
X25-M): 35000 random read 4kB IOPS theoretical, 1 instance of a private 
benchmarking tool measures 6000, 10+ instances of this tool measure 37000 IOPS 
(slightly better than the theoretical max!)


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