Bob Friesenhahn <bfriesen <at>> writes:
> The Intel specified random write IOPS are with the cache enabled and 
> without cache flushing.

For random write I/O, caching improves I/O latency not sustained I/O 
throughput (which is what random write IOPS usually refer to). So Intel can't 
cheat with caching. However they can cheat by benchmarking a brand new drive 
instead of an aged one.

> They also carefully only use a limited span 
> of the device, which fits most perfectly with how the device is built. 

AFAIK, for the X25-E series, they benchmark random write IOPS on a 100% span. 
You may be confusing it with the X25-M series with which they actually clearly 
disclose two performance numbers: 350 random write IOPS on 8GB span, and 3.3k 
on 100% span. See

I agree with the rest of your email.


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