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> After replicating a pool with zfs send/recv I've found out I cannot
> perform some zfs on those datasets anymore. The datasets had permissions
> set via `zfs allow'.

> So, what are permissions if not properties?

Properties are things that are set with "zfs set".  Permissions are not
properties, and as you discovered, are unfortunately not transferred with
"zfs send".

> And why they're not
> sent unlike say user/group quotas?

User/group quotas are also properties (eg. "zfs set userquota@ahrens =

So this is working as designed, but I think it would be a nice enhancement
to also (optionally) send the "zfs allow" permissions.  You would have to
implement a way to serialize the permissions, which are stored differently
than properties.

What's the scenario where you'd like to send permissions? Backup?

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