> > We've migrated from an old samba installation to a new box with
> > openindiana, and it works well, but... It seems Windows now honours
> > the executable bit, so that .exe files for installing packages, are
> > no longer directly executable. While it is positive that windows
> > honours this bit, it breaks things when we have a software
> > repository on this server.
> >
> > Does anyone know a way to counter this without chmod -R o+x?
> Does setting the aclinherit=passthrough-x zfs property on the
> filesystem help?
> I'm not sure, but you may still need to do a chmod -R on each
> filesystem to set the ACLs on each existing directory.

Setting aclinherit didn't help much. It seems +x isn't inherited to files, only 
dirs. I found new files are created with the correct permissions, so I just 
chmod +x the lot...

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