> lots of replies and no suggestion to try on FreeBSD. How about trying
>> on one? I believe if it crashed on FreeBSD, the developers would be
>> interested in helping to solve it. Try using the 9.0-beta1 since
>> 8.2-release has some problems importing certain zpools.
>I didn't think FreeBSD support could be ahead of Solaris ZFS. I downloaded what
>you suggested. I'll try it over the weekend and let you know.
>> Asking Oracle for help without support contract would be like shouting
>> in vacuum space...
>From where I stand there's a big difference between some bug in Solaris that 
>doesn't do what it's supposed to, or not giving away new features,
>and losing somebody's data. I don't expect them to fix every minor problem I 
>come up with if I don't pay for a support contract hell I don't even
>expect them to fix major problems. But when it comes to data integrity I 
>really don't think it's on the same level of discussion.
>As I say, I can't believe Oracle would hold somebody's data hostage. That is 
>bad business and I just don't believe they would act that way.
>Here's a chance for somebody to be a real standup guy and get this fixed. 
>Imagine what kind of impression that would make. Now that would
>be good marketing!
>Oracle's silence on this serious data integrity issue (and I'm not the only 
>one having it) is pretty disappointing.
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