> It seems that obtaining an Oracle support contract or a contract renewal is 
> equally frustrating.
>I don't have any axe to grind with Oracle. I'm new to the Solaris thing and 
>wanted to see if it was for me.
>If I was using this box to make money then sure I wouldn't have any problem 
>paying for support. I don't expect
>handouts and I don't mind paying.
>I trusted ZFS because I heard it's for enterprise use and now I have 200G of 
>data offline and not a peep from Oracle.
>Looking on the net I found another guy who had the same exact failure.
>To my way of thinking somebody needs to standup and get this fixed for us and 
>make sure it doesn't happen to anybody
>else. If that happens I have no grudge against Oracle or Solaris. If it 
>doesn't that's a pretty sour experience for someone
>to go through and it will definitely make me look at this whole thing in 
>another light.
>I still believe somebody over there will do the right thing. I don't believe 
>Oracle needs to hold people's data hostage to make money.
>I am sure they have enough good products and services to make money honestly.
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