UPDATE (for those following along at home)...

        After patching to latest and greatest Solaris 10 kernel update
and getting firmware on both OS drives (72 GB SAS) and server updated
to latest and greatest, Oracle has now officially declared it a bug
(CR#7082249). No word on when I'll hear back on status of this new bug
(which looks like an old bug, but the old bug has been fixed in the
patches I'm now running).

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 9:19 AM, Paul Kraus <p...@kraus-haus.org> wrote:
>    I am having a very odd problem, and so far the folks at Oracle
> Support have not provided a working solution, so I am asking the crowd
> here while still pursuing it via Oracle Support.
>    The system is a T2000 running 10U9 with CPU-2010-01and two J4400
> loaded with 1 TB SATA drives. There is one zpool on the J4400 (3 x 15
> disk vdev + 3 hot spare). This system is the target for zfs send /
> recv replication from our production server.The OS is UFS on local
> disk.


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