What do you expect to happen if you're in progress doing a zfs send, and
then simultaneously do a zfs destroy of the snapshot you're sending?


This happened to me today, because I'm replicating one server to another...
So I'm sending the oldest snapshot first, to be followed by the
incrementals.  But the oldest one is of course the biggest one to send, so
it spanned the overnight midnight.  Meanwhile zfs-auto-snapshot tried to
destroy the oldest snap.


I'm now in a state where I can't do "zfs list" and a whole bunch of things
are failing...  I have 46 "zfs list" processes unkillabIe, and I have 28
zfs-auto-snapshot processes also unkillable.  I may be forced to reboot, and
I may have to start over.  If the destroy succeeds, then of course I won't
be able to use that snap as the initial point for the incrementals.

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