I really want something like the MFT in NTFS, which has an easily accessible
list of everything on the filesystem.


I want easy access to the realtime events happening in the filesystem.


I have looked at FEN using the event ports api, but then I have to attach a
listener to every single file in the filesystem.  There are two million
files.  I don't like the sound of that idea.


Ideally I'd just intercept syscalls using things like syscall::rename:entry
but I don't know how.




A bit of background on the task: 


I am hoping to write an open source quick indexing program that only indexes
the file names and directory names of a zfs filesystem.


I don't want to have to crawl the whole fs to get the initial listing, but
can definitely handle that - it's the realtime updates I want most of all.


I don't want to have to modify a users zfs snapshots by taking a snapshot,
indexing it, then destroying it.


Can someone point me in the right direction of what I should be looking for
to do this on Solaris 10 ?


My backup hacked together plan is to crawl the fs to get the initial
listing, and then use dtrace probes to monitor for any create or deletes
since the start of the crawl to keep the listing up to date.




For anyone who is curious this is for a network server for Everything,
available from voidtools.com









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