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   I have an S11 Express system with a pool with an SSD split between ZIL
and cache.  My friendly power company donated a free spike that killed
the SSD and one of the pool drives.

I was able to successfully zpool remove the cache slice from the pool,
but any attempt at removing the log slice locks up the system.

Any ideas?  I can run with the pool in a degraded state, but how will I
replace the log if it can't be removed?
IIRC, even though the device is faulted, you have to offline it before you
can remove it.  I think.  (As in, zpool offline, followed by zpool remove).

The offline command never completes and all I/O activity on the pool is suspended. The command could not be killed and a power cycle was required..

Still...  It shouldn't lock up the system.  I assume you're doing "zpool
remove" log device, right?  And when you do that, it locks up the system?



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