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> Hi all
> It seems recent WD drives that aren't "Raid edition" can cause rather a lot 
> of problems on RAID systems. We have a few machines with LSI controllers 
> (6801/6081/9201) and we're seeing massive errors occuring. The usual pattern 
> is a drive failing or even a resilver/scrub starting and then, suddenly, most 
> drives on the whole backplane report errors. These are usually No Device (as 
> reported by iostat -En), but the result is that we may see data corruption at 
> the end. We also have a system setup with Hitachi Deskstars, which has been 
> running for almost a year without issues. One system with a mixture of WD 
> Blacks and greens showed the same errors as described, but has been working 
> well after the WD drives were replaced by deskstars.

Sounds familiar.

> Now, it seems WD has changed their firmware to inhibit people from using them 
> for other things than toys (read: PCs etc). Since we've seen this issue on 
> different controllers and different drives, and can't reproduce it with 
> Hitachi Deskstars, I would guess the firmware "upgrade" from WD is the issue.


> Would it be possible to fix this in ZFS somehow?

No, the error is 1-2 layers below ZFS.

> The drives seem to work well except for those "No Device" errors….

'nuff said.
 -- richard

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