On 09/ 7/11 02:20 PM, Daniel Carosone wrote:
On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 08:47:36AM -0600, Lori Alt wrote:
On 09/ 6/11 11:45 PM, Daniel Carosone wrote:
My understanding was that 'zfs send -D' would use the pool's DDT in
building its own, if present.
It does not use the pool's DDT, but it does use the SHA-256 checksums
that have already been calculated for on-disk dedup, thus speeding the
generation of the send stream.
Ah, thanks for the clarification.  Presumably the same is true if the
pool is using checksum=sha256, without dedup?

Yes, I think so.

Still a moot point for now :)


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