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> Will be interesting to see whether or not -D works with ZFSv28 in FreeBSD 8-
> STABLE/9-BETA.  And whether or not "zfs send" is faster/better/easier/more
> reliable than rsyncing snapshots (which is what we do currently).

Holy crap, quit wasting time on the -D thing and/or dedup, and yes, start using 
zfs send | zfs receive instead of using rsync!  (Presuming you want to 
replicate your whole filesystem, and no exclusions and stuff like that.)  

rsync needs to walk the whole directory tree, and perform all sorts of 
comparison operations at a level above the filesystem to determine what changed 
and so forth...  And then needs to calcuate diffs...  ZFS instantly knows which 
blocks changed incrementally so it doesn't need to do any of that work.  ZFS 
just instantly starts streaming all the changed blocks, with magnificent 
efficiency.  Typically people abandoning rsync in favor of zfs send | receive 
will experience a couple orders of magnitude performance gain.  Depends on your 
data usage patterns, but that's typical.

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