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            hello team
            i have an issue with my ZFS system, i have 5 file systems
            and i need to take
            a daily backup of these onto tape. how best do you think i
            should do these?
            the smallest filesystem is about 50GB
            here is what i have been doing i take snapshots of the 5
            file systems, i zfs
            send these into a directory gzip the the files and then
            tar them onto tape.
            this takes a considerable amount of time.
            my question is there a faster and better way of doing this?

        So you zfs send to a file and save the file to tape?

        Personally, I use zfs send and zfs receive to replicate the
        data to
        a second system, and then simply tar the replicated file system
        to tape. That way I'm not dependent on zfs to get the data back
        (and can get individual files/directories back if necessary, which
        it often is). And you have the ability to slot that copy of
        the data
        instantly into service if the primary copy fails.

    I'd also add that unless you are sending tapes off-site, having a
    snapshots on a seconds system can save you a lot of incremental

i do send the tapes offline. The idea of sending onto another system seems an excellent idea but i would still need to send them to tape. if i tar or dump the replicated filesystems this will chew up a lot of space since my filesystems are almost 900GB in total

Pipe the output of tar or what ever you use through gzip (as you were originally?).


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