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> I must configure a small file server. It only has two disk drives, and
they are

> (forcibly) destined to be used in a mirrored, hot-spare configuration.


I think you just mean a mirror.  If you had a hotspare, that would require 3



> The OS is installed and working, and rpool is mirrored on the two disks.


I take it you used the entire disks for rpool.  You can easily create
additional zfs filesystems in there...  Simply "zfs create /foo/bar" and
then you will have granular snapshot abilities on that sub filesystem, etc.
But it will be part of rpool and therefore if users fill up that space,
rpool has also filled up.


You might benefit by setting either a quota or refquota on the
sub-filesystem.  You might benefit by setting a reservation or
refreservation on the rpool filesystem.  Check man zfs for more info.  zfs
set quota=200m /foo/bar


Another option you could pursue if you want:  You could partition the disks.
Let rpool exist in the first partition, and tank exist in the second
partition.  This would create a separation of the two pools, which might be
beneficial to you.  But it's kind of a pain to partition your disk.  The
level of difficulty varies based on which distribution and which version
you're installing.


And the last option I can think of:  Depending on your HBA, you might be
able, in hardware, to split your disks into subvolumes, which appear
logically as different disks to the OS.



> * Or should I create file-based pools and then create the new filesystems

> them?


Don't do that.  You'll definitely be better off, by using one of the options
I mentioned above.

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