> I don't think the 311 has any over-provisioning (other than the 7% from GB -> 
> GiB conversion). I believe it is an X25-E with only 5 channels populated. The 
> upcoming enterprise models are MLC based and have greater over-provisioning 
> The 20GB 311 only costs ~ $100 though. The 100GB Intel 710 costs ~ $650.
> The 311 is a good choice for home or budget users, and it seems that the 710 
> is much bigger than it needs to be for slog devices.

I think 311 looks suitable replacement, as in you can put four 311's instead of 
2 X25-E's as slog (when it comes to pricing), going to test it out. Thanks to 
you all.

Markus Kovero
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