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Am I crazy for putting something like this into production using Solaris 10/11? 
On paper, it really seems ideal for our needs.

As long as the drive firmware operates correctly, I don't see a problem.

Also, maybe I read it wrong, but why is it that (in the previous thread about hw raid and zpools) zpools with large numbers of physical drives (eg 20+) were frowned upon? I know that ZFS!=WAFL

There is no concern with a large number of physical drives in a pool. The primary concern is with the number of drives per vdev. Any variation in the latency of the drives hinders performance and each I/O to a vdev consumes 1 "IOP" across all of the drives in the vdev (or strip) when raidzN is used. Having more vdevs is better for consistent performance and more available IOPS.

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