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>> Does anyone know a good commercial zfs-based storage replication
>> software that runs on Solaris (i.e. not an appliance, not another OS
>> based on solaris)?
>> Kinda like Amanda, but for replication (not backup).
> Please define replication, not backup?  To me, your question is unclear what
> you want to accomplish.  What don't you like about zfs send | zfs receive?

Basically I need something that does zfs send | zfs receive, plus
GUI/web interface to configure stuff (e.g. which fs to backup,
schedule, etc.), support, and a price tag.

Believe it or not the last two requirement are actually important
(don't ask :P ), and are the main reasons why I can't use automated
send - receive scripts already available from the internet.

CMIIW, Amanda can use "zfs send" but it only store the resulting
stream somewhere, while the requirement for this one is that the send
stream must be received on a different server (e.g. DR site) and be
accessible there.

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