On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 8:20 PM, Michael Sullivan
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> Maybe I'm missing something here, but Amanda has a whole bunch of bells and 
> whistles, and scans the filesystem to determine what should be backed up.  
> Way overkill for this task I think.

I was using Amanda as an example because it has GUI, schedule, and
supports zfs send. Probably not the best example :)

> Seems to me like zfs send blah | ssh replicatehost zfs receive …  more than 
> meets the requirement when combined with just plain old crontab.

Functionality wise, it meets some requirement. However GUI is a
requirement here.

> If it's a graphical interface you're looking for, I'm sure someone has hacked 
> together somethings in TCL/Tk pr Perl/TK

preferably web-based

> as an interface to cron

not just cron. It needs some form of configuration (e.g. input which
datasets to sync, to which remote host, and how often), reporting
(e.g. there are x jobs yesterday, all completed in 60 minutes, 1GB
data transferred).

> which you could probably hack to have construct your particular crontab entry.

... and if they have a company that can provide support and put a
reasonable price tag on it, that'd be perfect :)
I haven't found any so far though, which is why I asked here.

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