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> Basically I need something that does zfs send | zfs receive, plus
> GUI/web interface to configure stuff (e.g. which fs to backup,
> schedule, etc.), support, and a price tag.
> Believe it or not the last two requirement are actually important
> (don't ask :P ), and are the main reasons why I can't use automated
> send - receive scripts already available from the internet.
> CMIIW, Amanda can use "zfs send" but it only store the resulting
> stream somewhere, while the requirement for this one is that the send
> stream must be received on a different server (e.g. DR site) and be
> accessible there.

Have you looked at Sun Unified Storage, AKA the 7000 series?

I've never used them myself, personally, because I prefer to have the
control of building my system from the ground up and knowing all the stuff
under the hood.  But based on marketing materials that I've seen, I think
it's exactly what you're describing.

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