quick and stupid question: I'm breaking my head over how to tunz
zfs_arc_min on a running system. There must be some magic word to pipe
into mdb -kw but I forgot it. I tried /etc/system but it's still at the
old value after reboot:

ZFS Tunables (/etc/system):
         set zfs:zfs_arc_min = 0x200000
         set zfs:zfs_arc_meta_limit=0x100000000

ARC Size:
         Current Size:             1314 MB (arcsize)
         Target Size (Adaptive):   5102 MB (c)
         Min Size (Hard Limit):    2048 MB (zfs_arc_min)
         Max Size (Hard Limit):    5102 MB (zfs_arc_max)

I could use the memory now since I'm running out of it, trying to delete
a large snapshot :-/

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