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> Hi
> I have the next configuration: 3 disk 1Gb in raid0
> all disks in zfs pool

we recommend protecting the data. Friends don't let friends use raid-0.

nit: We tend to refer to disk size in bytes (B), not bits (b)

> freespace on so raid is 1.5Gb and 1.5Gb is used.
> so I have some questions:
> 1. If I don plan to use 3 disks in pool any more. How can I remove one of it?

copy out, copy in. Using sparse volumes or file systems can help you
manage this task cost effectively. The mythical block pointer rewrite is
a form of copy out, copy in.

> 2. Imaine one disk has failures. I want to replace it, but now I do not have 
> disk 1Gb and have only 2Gb
> I replace disk of 1Gb with 2Gb, and after some time, I want to put 1Gb disk 
> (as it was before) back.
> with replace command i have error: device is too small
>  How to return pool into beginning state?

Partition the disk so that the size of the replacement partition on the 2GB disk
is exactly the same size (in blocks) as the 1GB disk.

 -- richard

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