I'm not familiar with ZFS stuff, so I'll try to give you as much as info I can 
get with our environment
We are using a ZFS pool as a VLS for a backup server (Sun V445 Solaris 10), and 
we are faced with very low read performance (whilst write performance is much 
better, i.e : up to 40GB/h to migrate data onto LTO-3 tape from disk, and up to 
100GB/h to unstage data from LTO-3 tape to disk, either with Time Navigator 4.2 
software or directly using dd commands)
We have tunned ZFS parameters for ARC and disabled preftech but performance is 
poor. If we dd from disk to RAM or tape, it's very slow, but if we dd from tape 
or RAM to disk, it's faster. I can't figure out why. I've read other posts 
related to this, but I'm not sure what can of tuning can be made.
For disks concern, I have no idea on how our System team created the ZFS 
Can you help ?

Thank you

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