2011-10-14 21:01, Jordan Schwartz пишет:
Try and get your hands on a Sun F20 Card which has 4 x 25GB SSD
Modules on a PCI card.

Thanks, but I believe currently that's out of budget, but a 90MB/s
CF module may be acceptable for the small business customer.
I wondered if that is known to work or not...

Also if you can get an X4540 system controller you can then use 64GB
of RAM aka L1ARC.

I am not sure I can get that (not until they become refurbished and cheap),
but still: are the X4540 mainboards compatible with X4500 chassis?
Is it possible to upgrade one into another? ;)


On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 5:39 AM, Jim Klimov<jimkli...@cos.ru>  wrote:
Hello, I was asked if the CF port in Thumpers can be accessed by the OS?
In particular, would it be a good idea to use a modern 600x CF card (some
reliable one intended for professional photography) as an L2ARC device using
this port?

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