2011-10-14 23:57, Gregory Shaw пишет:
You might want to keep in mind that the X4500 was a ~2006 box, and had only 
PCI-X slots.

Or, at least, that's what the 3 Iv'e got have.  I think the X4540 had PCIe, but 
I never got one of those.  :-(

I haven't seen any cache accelerator PCI-X cards.

However, what I've done on the X4500 systems in the lab is to use two drives on 
the system disk bus for the cache and log devices (each).
So you have 44 data drives, 2 os drives and 2 zil/cache devices?
And what do you use for zil/cache? SSDs? Specific ones?

With the 175 release of Solaris 11, I have literally seen a scrub running at 
960mb/sec, and around 400mb/sec for 10ge NFS.

Hmm, and where can you get that release in the open? ;)

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