Here is the out put from: zdb -vvv smbpool/glusterfs 0x621b67

Dataset smbpool/glusterfs [ZPL], ID 270, cr_txg 1034346, 20.1T, 4139680 
objects, rootbp DVA[0]=<5:5e000021000:600> DVA[1]=<0:56000021000:600> [L0 DMU 
objset] fletcher4 lzjb LE contiguous unique double size=400L/200P 
birth=1887643L/1887643P fill=4139680 

    Object  lvl   iblk   dblk  dsize  lsize   %full  type
   6429543    1    16K    512     2K    512  100.00  ZFS directory
                                        264   bonus  ZFS znode
        dnode flags: USED_BYTES 
        dnode maxblkid: 0
        path    ???<object#6429543>
        uid     1009
        gid     300
        atime   Fri Jul 22 11:02:33 2011
        mtime   Fri Jul 22 11:02:33 2011
        ctime   Fri Jul 22 11:02:33 2011
        crtime  Fri Jul 22 11:02:33 2011
        gen     1659401
        mode    41777
        size    5
        parent  6429542
        links   0
        xattr   0
        rdev    0x0000000000000000

Still hoping someone could point me in the right direction....right now I am 
doing a recursive find command to locate files created on July 22nd (by that 
user)...but somehow I think the files no longer exist and that is why zfs is 

Any ideas please????




From: Shain Miley
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 3:06 PM
Subject: Scrub error and object numbers

Hello all,
I am using Opensolaris version snv_101b and after some recent issues with a 
faulty raid card I am unable to finish an entire 'zpool scrub' to completion.

While running the scub I receive the following:

errors: Permanent errors have been detected in the following files:


I have found out that the number after the data set represents the object 
number of the file/directory in question, however I have not been able to 
figure out what I need to do next to get this cleared up.

We currently have 25TB of large files stored on this file I am 
REALLY looking to avoid having to do some sort of massive backup/restore in 
order to clear this up.

Can anyone help shed some light on what I can/should do next?

Thanks in advance,


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