Freddie Cash <> writes:

> If you only want RAID0 or RAID1, then btrfs is okay.  There's no support for
> RAID5+ as yet, and it's been "in development" for a couple of years now.

[...] snipped excellent information 

Thanks much, I've very appreciative of the good information.  Much
better to hear from actual users than pouring thru webpages to get a

I'm googling on the citations you posted:

FreeNAS and freebsd.

Maybe you can give a little synopsis of those too.  I mean when it
comes to utilizing zfs; is it much the same as if running it on

I knew freebsd had a port, but assumed it would stack up kind of sorry
compared to Solaris zfs. 

Maybe something on the order of the linux fuse/zfs adaptation in usability.

Is that assumption wrong?

I actually have some experience with Freebsd, (long before there was a
zfs port), and it is very linux like in many ways.

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