2011-10-29 21:57, Jim Klimov пишет:
... In short, is it
possible to add "restartability" to ZFS SEND, for example
by adding artificial snapshots (of configurable increment
size) into already existing datasets [too large to be
zfs-sent successfully as one chunk of stream data]?

On a side note: would this feature, like any other nice-to-have
feature in ZFS, require The Mythical Block Pointer Rewrite (TM)?

For no apparent reason yet, I'm already afraid so ;)

If this is the Holy Grail which everybody craves and nobody saw,
what is really the problem of making it happen? Some time ago
I skimmed through an overview of "what would have to be done
for it". Not being a hardcore ZFS programmer I did not grasp
what is so fundamentally difficult about the quest. So I still
wonder if it is impossible, or if anyone is already working
on it quietly? ;)

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