Hi All/Marion,

A small update...

known to have lockups/timeouts when used with SAS expanders (disk
>> enclosures)
>> with incompatible firmware revisions, and/or with older mpt drivers.
> I'll need to check that out -- I'm 90% sure that these are fresh out of
> box HBAs.
> Will try an upgrade there and see if we get any joy there...

We did not have the latest firmware on the HBA - through a lot of pain I
managed to boot into an MS-DOS disk and run the firmware update. We're now
running the latest on this card from the LSI.com website. (both HBA BIOS
and Firmware)

>  The MD1220 is a 6Gbit/sec device.  You may be better off with a matching
>> HBA  -- Dell has certainly told us the MD1200-series is not intended for
>> use with the 3Gbit/sec HBA's.  We're doing fine with the LSI SAS 9200-8e,
>> for example, when connecting to Dell MD1200's with the 2TB "nearline SAS"
>> disk drives.
> I was aware the MD1220 is a 6G device, but I figured that since our IO
> throughput doesn't actually come close to saturating 3Gbit/sec that it
> would just operate at the lower speed and be OK. I guess it is something to
> look at if I run out of other options...

This was my mistake - this particular system has MD1120s attached to it. We
have a mix of 1220s and 1120s since we've been with Dell since the 1120s
were current model.

Just kicked off the system running with the same logging as before with
this new firmware, so I'll see if this goes any better.

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