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We did not have the latest firmware on the HBA - through a lot of pain I
> managed to boot into an MS-DOS disk and run the firmware update. We're now
> running the latest on this card from the LSI.com website. (both HBA BIOS
> and Firmware)

No joy.. the system seized up again within a few hours of coming back up.

Now trying another suggestion sent to me by a direct poster:

*       Recommendation from Sun (Oracle) to work around a bug:
*       6958068 - Nehalem deeper C-states cause erratic scheduling behavior
set idle_cpu_prefer_mwait = 0
set idle_cpu_no_deep_c = 1

Was apparently the cause of a similar symptom for them and we are using

At this point I'm running out of options, so it can't hurt to try it.

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