> From: Bob Friesenhahn [mailto:bfrie...@simple.dallas.tx.us]
> I notice that the mail activity has diminished substantially since the
> forums were shut down.  Apparently they were still in use.

I'm sure nobody thought they were unused.  I'm sure it was a cost saving
measure.  Jive forums start at $20k/yr, assuming you want just a vanilla
config (which opensolaris didn't) plus the man hours to maintain it and its
consistency between mailman.  I recently looked into implementing a
community portal modeled on the opensolaris community (forums + email
coexisting blissfully) but all the competitors were in the same range.  You
can do either one by itself extremely well for free.  You can do both poorly
for free, or you can do both very well for big bucks.  That's what
opensolaris was doing.

Seems coincidental this change was very near 1 year after "the change,"
doesn't it?  Somebody's budget got slashed...  But the jive renewal was
nearly a year later...  I bet.

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