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> I have been having issues with Solaris kernel based systems "locking up"
> am wondering if anyone else has observed a similar symptom before.
> ...
> Dell R710 / 80G Memory with two daisy chained MD1220 disk arrays - 22
> each - 600GB 10k RPM SAS Drives
> Storage Controller: LSI, Inc. 1068E (JBOD)

Please see

But I'll need to expand upon this a little more here:  When we bought that
system, solaris was a supported os on the R710.  We paid for oracle gold
support (or whatever they called it) and we dug into it for hours and hours,
weeks and weeks, never got anywhere.

When I replaced the NIC (don't use the built-in bcom nic) it became much
better.  It went from crashing weekly to crashing monthly.

I don't believe you'll ever be able to make the problem go away completely.
This is the nature of running on unsupported hardware - even if you pay and
get a support contract - they just don't develop or test on that platform
with any quantity, so the end result is crap.

We have since reprovisioned the R710 to other purposes, where it's perfectly
stable.  We have also bought Sun (oracle) server to fill the requirements
that were formerly filled by the R710 with solaris, and it's also perfectly

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