Very interesting... I didn't know disk firwares were responsible for
automagically relocating bad blocks. Knowing this, it makes no sense for
a filesystem to try to deal with this kind of errors.

For now, any disk with read/write errors detected will be discarded
from my filers and replaced...

Thanks !

Le Tue, 08 Nov 2011 13:03:57 +0000,
"Andrew Gabriel" <> a écrit :

> ZFS detects far more errors that traditional filesystems will simply
> miss. This means that many of the possible causes for those errors
> will be something other than a real bad block on the disk. As Edward
> said, the disk firmware should automatically remap real bad blocks,
> so if ZFS did that too, we'd not use the remapped block, which is
> probably fine. For other errors, there's nothing wrong with the real
> block on the disk - it's going to be firmware, driver, cache
> corruption, or something else, so blacklisting the block will not
> solve the issue. Also, with some types of disk (SSD), block numbers
> are moved around to achieve wear leveling, so blacklistinng a block
> number won't stop you reusing that real block.

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