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On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 5:24 PM, Lachlan Mulcahy

> Now trying another suggestion sent to me by a direct poster:
>> *       Recommendation from Sun (Oracle) to work around a bug:
>> *       6958068 - Nehalem deeper C-states cause erratic scheduling
>> behavior
>> set idle_cpu_prefer_mwait = 0
>> set idle_cpu_no_deep_c = 1
>> Was apparently the cause of a similar symptom for them and we are using
>> Nehalem.
>> At this point I'm running out of options, so it can't hurt to try it.
> So far the system has been running without any lock ups since very late
> Monday evening -- we're now almost 48 hours on.
> So far so good, but it's hard to be certain this is the solution, since I
> could never prove it was the root cause.
> For now I'm just continuing to test and build confidence level. More time
> will make me more confident. Maybe a week or so....

We're now over a week running with C-states disabled and have not
experienced any further system lock ups. I am feeling much more confident
in this system now -- it will probably see at least another week or two in
addition to more load/QA testing and then be pushed into production.

Will update if I see the issue crop up again, but for anyone else
experiencing a similar symptom, I'd highly recommend trying this as a

So far it seems to have worked for us.

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