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> But now, as show below, the first 2 raidz1 vdev usage is about 78% and the
> last 2 raidz1 vdev usage is about 93%.

In this case, when you write, it should be writing to the first two vdevs,
not the last two.  So the fact that the last two are over 93% full should be
irrelevant in terms of write performance.

> All my file is small files which size is about 150KB.

That's too bad.  Raidz performs well with large sequential data, and
performs poor with small random files.

> Now the questions is:
> 1. Should I balance the data between the vdevs by copy the data and remove
> the data which locate in last 2 vdevs?

If you want to.  But most people wouldn't bother.  Especially since you're
talking about 75% versus 90%.  It's difficult to balance it so *precisely*
as to get them both around 85%

> 2. Is there any method to automatically re-balance the data?
> or

There is no automatic way to do it.

> Any better solution to resolve this problem?

I would recommend, if possible, re-creating your pool as a bunch of mirrors
instead of raidz.  It will perform better, but it will cost hardware.  Also,
if you have compressible data then enabling compression gains both
performance and available disk space.

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