> From: Evaldas Auryla [mailto:evaldas.aur...@edqm.eu]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2011 8:55 AM
> I was thinking about STEC ZeusRAM, but unfortunately it's SAS only
> device, and it won't make into X4540 (SATA ports only), so another
> option could be STEC MACH16iops (50GB SLC SATA SSD).

Perhaps you should also consider ddrdrive
I work a lot on flash...  and I've got to say...  dram is a lot faster.
Mostly because of design/implementation limitations in the present
controller technologies.  Restrictions about which blocks can be erased and
when, and how many erase in parallel, under which circumstances etc etc blah
blah.  That's mostly where any delay comes from.  Straight out of the box,
SSD's perform very well.  But in real life, only moderately well.

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