I have some zfs filesystems shared via cifs. Some of them I can mount and 
others I can't. They appear identical in properties and ACLs; the only 
difference I've found is the successful ones have xattr {A------m----} and the 
others have {}. But I can't set that xattr on the share to see if it allows it 
to be mounted.
chmod S+cA share
chmod: ERROR: extended system attributes not supported for share (even though 
it has the xattr=on property)
(The mount fails (after entering the correct password) with "tree connect 
failed: syserr = Permission denied" and the log message "access denied: share 

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and it's not the xattr of the share which 
is causing the problem but I'd be grateful for some enlightenment. This is 
Solaris 11 (and is a 'regression' from Solaris 11 Express).

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