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> Better than ?
> If the disks advertise 512 bytes, the only way around it is with a whitelist. 
> I would
> be rather surprised if Oracle sells 4KB sector disks for Solaris systems…

Solaris 10. OpenSolaris.

But would it be surprising to use SANs with Solaris? Or perhaps run Solaris 
under some kind of virtualized environment where the virtual disk has a 
particular block size? Or maybe SSDs, which tend to read/write/delete in 
certain block sizes?

In these situations simply assuming 512 may slow things down.

And if Solaris 11 is going to be around for a decade or so, I'd hazard to guess 
that 512B sector disks will become less and less prevalent as time goes on. 
Might as well enable the functionality now, when 4K is rarer, so you have more 
time to test and tunes things out—rather than later when you can potentially be 
left scrambling.

As Pasi Kärkkäinen mentions, there's not much you can do if the disks lies 
(just as has been seen with disks that lie about flushing the cache). This is 
mostly a temporary kludge for legacy's sake. More and more disks will be 
truthful as times goes on.

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