Hi all,

I am in the process of updating my SE11 servers to S11. On one server I am having two zpools made out of mirror vdevs and up to now none of these zpools have shown any error.

However, after updating to S11 three disks - and unfortuanetly two of the same miorror vdev are shown as UNAVAIL due to 'corrupted data':

  pool: obelixData
    id: 9610325806378085846
 state: UNAVAIL
status: One or more devices contains corrupted data.
action: The pool cannot be imported due to damaged devices or data.
   see: http://www.sun.com/msg/ZFS-8000-5E

        obelixData                  UNAVAIL  insufficient replicas
          mirror-0                  DEGRADED
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd0   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d0   UNAVAIL  corrupted data
          mirror-1                  UNAVAIL  insufficient replicas
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd1   UNAVAIL  corrupted data
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d1   UNAVAIL  corrupted data
          mirror-2                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd2   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d2   ONLINE
          mirror-3                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd3   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d3   ONLINE
          mirror-4                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd5   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d5   ONLINE
          mirror-5                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd4   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d4   ONLINE
          mirror-6                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd6   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d6   ONLINE
          mirror-7                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd7   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d7   ONLINE
          mirror-8                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd8   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d8   ONLINE
          mirror-9                  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd9   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d9   ONLINE
          mirror-10                 ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd10  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d10  ONLINE
          mirror-11                 ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd11  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d11  ONLINE
          mirror-12                 ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd12  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d12  ONLINE
          mirror-13                 ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd13  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d13  ONLINE
          mirror-14                 ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02DDd14  ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02F4d14  ONLINE
          mirror-15                 ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02D9d0   ONLINE
            c9t2100001378AC02BFd0   ONLINE

So I reverted back to my saved SE11 BE and SE11 shows these disks as online and imnports this zpool without any issue. I have now a scrub running on this zpool, but I am curious, if anyone had ever experienced something similar.

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