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>> >
>> > If we ignore the vbox aspect of it, and assume real hardware with real
>> > devices, of course you can install on one x86 hardware and move the
>> > drive to
>> > boot on another x86 hardware.  This is harder on SPARC (b/c hostid and
>> > zfs
>> > mount issues) but still possible.
>> Have you tried? :D
> Yes, I do this all the time.  Between identical hardware, though.  It used
> to be tricky when you had to know actual device paths and/or /dev/dsk/*
> names but with zfs that issue has gone away and it doesn't matter if drives
> show up at different locations when moving the boot drive around.

Ah, you're more experienced that I am then. In that case you might want to try:
- boot with live CD on your sun box
- plug your usb drive there
- force-import then export your usb root pool (to eliminate any disk
path or ID problem)
- try boot from usb drive
- if the above still doesn't work, try running installgrub:

I'm still trying to install sol11 on USB, but it's dreadfully slow on
my system (not sure why)

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