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    grub does need to have an idea of the device path, maybe in vbox
    it's seen as the 3rd disk (c0t2), so the boot device name written to
    grub.conf is "disk3" (whatever the terminology for that is in
    grub-speak), but when I boot on the Sun hardware it is seen as
    "disk0" and this just doesn't work.  If it's that easy that'd be
    awesome, all I need is an alternate grub entry.

Regarding the disk numbering, GRUB and other x86 loaders
assume that the current "BIOS boot disk" (one passed from
BIOS as the boot device) is always number zero. Numbering
of secondary drives may vary from boot to boot (i.e. if
you boot from one or another disk of a mirrored root).

Or maybe not.  I guess this was findroot() in sol10 but in sol11 this
seems to have gone away.

I haven't used sol11 yet, so I can't say for certain.
But it is possible that the default boot (without findroot)
would use the bootfs property of your root pool. At least
that's the way it worked in intermediate SXCE releases,
where you had to set the whole bootfs path (zfs dataset
name) in grub menu, or use the bootfs property.

Also, I was wrong about the disk target.  When I do the install I
configure the USB stick at disk0, seen by Solaris as c3t0, and no
findroot() line gets written to menu.lst.  Maybe it needs that line when
it boots as a USB still on real hardware?

I'll try import/export and a reconfigure boot when I get a chance.

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