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> So I'm looking at files on my ZFS volume that are compressed, and I'm
> wondering to myself, "self, are the values shown here the size on disk, or
> are they the pre-compressed values".  Google gives me no great results on
> the first few pages, so I headed here.
> This really relates to my VMware environment.  I had some "things" happen on
> my platform that required me to Storage Vmotion everything off of a
> particular zpool.  When I did that, I saw most VM's inflate to nearly their
> thick provisioned size.  What didn't swell to that size went to about 2/3
> provisioned (non-Nexenta storage).
> I have been seeing 1.3-1.5x compression ratios on pretty much everything I
> turn compression on for (these are general use VM's -
> webservers,SQL,firewall,etc).
> My question is this - when I'm looking in the file structure, or in the
> datastore browser in VMware, am I seeing the uncompressed file size, or the
> compressed filesize?
> My gut tells me that since they inflated _so_ badly when I storage vmotioned
> them, that they are the compressed values, but I would love to know for
> sure.

How are you measuring the space?

Are you using block (iscsi/fc) or NFS to access the datastores from ESXi?
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