On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 14:43, Harry Putnam <rea...@newsguy.com> wrote:
> Somehow I touched some rather peculiar file names in ~.  Experimenting
> with something I've now forgotten I guess.
> Anyway I now have 3 zero length files with names -O, -c, -k.
> I've tried as many styles of escaping as I could come up with but all
> are rejected like this:
>  rm \-c
>  rm: illegal option -- c
>  usage: rm [-fiRr] file ...
> Ditto for:
>  [\-]c
>  '-c'
>  *c
>  '-'c
>  \075c
> OK, I'm out of escapes.  or other tricks... other than using emacs but
> I haven't installed emacs as yet.
> I can just ignore them of course, until such time as I do get emacs
> installed, but by now I just want to know how it might be done from a
> shell prompt.
rm ./-O ./-c ./-k
or pass an entire path.
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