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>> The second one works on both real hardare and VM, BUT with a
>> prequisite that you have to export-import rpool first on that
>> particular system. Unless you already have solaris installed, this
>> usually means you need to boot with a live cd/usb first.
> yup.  I didn't quite do that, what I did is exit to shell after installing
> (from install CD) onto the USB.  Then in the shell from the install CD I did
> the zpool export.  The resultant USB is still unbootable for me on real
> hardware.

It won't work unless you did export-import on the real hardware. Blame
oracle for that. Even zfsonlinux can work without this hassle.

... then again your kind of use case is probably not the supported
configuration anyway, and there's no incentive for Oracle to "fix" it

> Anyway, the point of that story is that I tried to install onto it as as USB
> device, instead of as a SATA device, in case something special happens to
> make USB bootable that doesn't happen when the S11 installer thinks it's a
> SATA device.  But I was unable to complete that test.

Not sure about solaris, but in linux grub1 installation would fail in
the BIOS does not list the disk as bootable. Virtualbox definitely
does not support booting from passthru-usb, so that may be the source
of your problem.

Mapping it as SATA disk should work as expected.

> I don't use live cd on real hardware because that doesn't meet my objective
> of being able to create a removable boot drive, created in a VM, that I can
> boot on real hardware if I wanted to.  I mean, I could do it that way, but I
> want to be able to do this in a 100% VM environment.

I use ubuntu for that, which works fine :D
It also supports zfs (via zfsonlinux), albeit limited to pool version
28 (same as openindiana)

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