I'm running OI 151a. I'm trying to create a zone for the first time, and am
getting an error about zfs. I'm logged in as me, then su - to root before
running these commands.

I have a pool called datastore, mounted at /datastore

Per the wiki document http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Building+in+zones, I
first created the zfs file system (note that the command syntax in the
document appears to be wrong, so I did the options I wanted separately):

zfs create datastore/zones
zfs set compression=on datastore/zones
zfs set mountpoint=/zones datastore/zones

zfs list shows:

NAME                         USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
datastore                   28.5M  7.13T  57.9K  /datastore
datastore/dbdata            28.1M  7.13T  28.1M  /datastore/dbdata
datastore/zones             55.9K  7.13T  55.9K  /zones
rpool                       27.6G   201G    45K  /rpool
rpool/ROOT                  2.89G   201G    31K  legacy
rpool/ROOT/openindiana      2.89G   201G  2.86G  /
rpool/dump                  12.0G   201G  12.0G  -
rpool/export                5.53M   201G    32K  /export
rpool/export/home           5.50M   201G    32K  /export/home
rpool/export/home/mcreamer  5.47M   201G  5.47M  /export/home/mcreamer
rpool/swap                  12.8G   213G   137M  -

Then I went about creating the zone:

zonecfg -z zonemaster
set autoboot=true
set zonepath=/zones/zonemaster
set ip-type=exclusive
add net
set physical=vnic0

That all goes fine, then...

zoneadm -z zonemaster install

which returns...

ERROR: the zonepath must be a ZFS dataset.
The parent directory of the zonepath must be a ZFS dataset so that the
zonepath ZFS dataset can be created properly.

Since the zfs dataset datastore/zones is created, I don't understand what
the error is trying to get me to do. Do I have to do:

zfs create datastore/zones/zonemaster

before I can create a zone in that path? That's not in the documentation,
so I didn't want to do anything until someone can point out my error for
me. Thanks for your help!

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