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> Hi,
> I'm thinking of getting LSI 9212-4i4e(4 internal and 4 external ports) to
> replace a SUN Storagetek raid card.
> Is it possible to disable the raid on an LSI 9212-4i4e and have the drives
> read by a simple sas/sata card? I'm open to other brands but I need internal
> and external ports.

That card looks like it is based on the SAS2008 controller, which
means that you need to locate the latest IT (Initiator Target) Mode
firmware for it, and use sas2flash (If I recall correctly) off a
bootable USB stick or similar to flash the controller with that

Here is a guide that explains how to flash a LSI2008 that is on-board
on a motherboard; adapt to your situation as needed:

Krunal Desai
Hardware Engineer
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