2011-12-05 5:15, Ryan Wehler wrote:
Well if we want to get into theories on faulty hardware batches and such we 
can. Though I think the likelihood is slim but not impossible I suppose.

I did the best I can diagnostic wise given I have no spare parts that have 
never been a part of this SAN. As I said, I still think the likelihood of two 
failed HBAs or failed cables just doesn't add up.  The errors thrown between 
cards is pretty consistent between cable swaps too, so nothing really 
indicative of A bad cable, let alone two.

Well, speculation-wise, if these were nearly-identical items serving
for the same time in identical conditions (same enclosure), they could
fail together just because they were subjected to the same shocks,
power surges, or perhaps more likely aging of components (i.e. drying
up of capacitors, oxydization of soldered connections, diffusion of
atoms in the microchips - whatever). Regarding soldered connections -
there was a true story some 10 years ago about Fujitsu desktop drives
dying at nearly the same age after exiting the factory (few months
old), which was tracked to some more-than-usual acidity of soldering
lead or its addons. Overall, the electrical links just stopped working
after a while due to oxydization into the bulk of the metal blobs :)

Still, congratulations on that replacement hardware did solve the
problem! ;)

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