hi all,

suddenly ran into a very odd issue with a 151a server used primarily
for cifs... out of (seemingly) nowhere, writes are incredibly slow,
often <10kb/s.  this is what zpool iostat 1 looks like when i copy a
big file:

storepool   13.4T  1.07T     57      0  6.13M      0
storepool   13.4T  1.07T    216     91   740K  5.58M
storepool   13.4T  1.07T    127    182   232K  1004K
storepool   13.4T  1.07T    189     99   361K  5.47M
storepool   13.4T  1.07T    357    172   910K   949K
storepool   13.4T  1.07T    454    222  1.42M  2.14M
storepool   13.4T  1.07T     55    209   711K  1.05M

basically instead of the usual txg 5-second write pattern zfs writes
to the zpool every second.  this is certainly not an issue with the
disks... iostat -En shows no errors and -Xn shows that the disks are
barely being used (<20%).  the only situation in which i've seen this
before was a multi-terabyte pool with dedup=on and constant writes
(goes away once you turn off dedup).  no dedup anywhere on this zpool,
though.  arc usage is normal (total ram is 12gb, max is set to 11gb,
current usage is 8gb).  pool is an 8-disk raidz2.

any ideas?  pretty stumped.

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