Does anyone know where I can still find the SUNWsmbs and SUNWsmbskr packages for the Sparc version of OpenSolaris? I wanted to experiment with ZFS/CIFS on my Sparc server but the ZFS share command fails with:

        zfs set sharesmb=on tank1/windows
        cannot share 'tank1/windows': smb add share failed

modinfo reports that the nsmb driver is loaded but I think smbsrv also needs to be loaded.

The available documentation suggests that SUNWsmbs and SUNWsmbskr need to be installed. My system has SUNWsmbfskr installed and according to pkginfo this provides 'SMB/CIFS File System client support (Kernel)' - is this the same package as SUNWsmbskr?

Thanks in adavnce for any suggestions,

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