On 12/27/11 09:20 PM, Frank Cusack wrote:
> <http://sparcv9.blogspot.com/2011/12/solaris-11-illumos-and-source.html>
>     If I "upgrade" ZFS to use the new features in Solaris 11 I will be
>     unable to import my pool using the free ZFS implementation that is
>     available in illumos based distributions
> Is that accurate?  I understand if the S11 version is ahead of
> illumos, of course I can't use the same pools in both places, but that
> is the same problem as using an S11 pool on S10.  The author is
> implying a much worse situation, that there are zfs "tracks" in
> addition to versions and that S11 is now on a different track and an
> S11 pool will not be usable elsewhere, "ever".  I hope it's just a
> misrepresentation.
I used to have rpool from 2009.06 Opensolaris , updated over snv_134 to
both Openindiana with Illumos and to the Solaris11 express in separate
Boot environment, but at the same ZFS rpool.

Since then, Oracle removed both pkg.opensolaris.org/release and /dev and
also seems that there is no Solaris11 express IPS publisher to be found

So, one could use pkg.openindiana.org/legacy to update to snv_134 (Not
the Oracle's snv_134b needed to S11Express upgrade) and to upgrade to
Openindiana latest /dev as described on openindiana.org Wiki.

But for Updating to snv_134b fro Oracle and Solaris11 Express, prior to
updating to Solaris11 on the same rpool,
one would need to download and activate local IPS repository of both of
them and install from there, since Oracle pulled the plug from both,
most probably to actually stop just that thing:
 Ability to have Openindiana and Solaris11 on the same rpool, upgraded
from snv_134 ,
because S11 ZFS is closed source and "newer" version number, and
therefore not usable for any implementation but Oracle's (including
Illumos, Zfs-fuse, ZfsonLinux and FreeBSD implementations)

Recent S11 source code leak might help as a blueprint for implementing
maybe compatible implementations in other OS'es but Oracle, but it needs
to be re-written, and not copied due to Oracle's copyright.

So it is possible to have S11 and Openindiana/Illumos on same rpool.
Just jou need both snv_134b Opensolaris and S11Express IPS publisher to
update from.
You can put them up from repository archives and if you do, share a
cookbook for it, OK?

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